Blue on the Big Screen

Islanders made homeless by sea-level rise, a dreaming dolphin, and deep underwater explorations are all subjects featured in the 19th Annual Environmental Film Festival. The National Museum of Natural History is proud to host a few of this year’s selections. The festival runs from March 15 to March 27, 2011.

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A bright red sea anemone clings to rocks underwater.
Seabirds on a rocky outcrop. A bird sits atop an outcrop of rocks surrounded by turbulent water. A photo of a seaside town with boats docked in the harbor and buildings along the shore. A fish from a deep underwater expedition sits preserved on a bed of ice.A scientist in a white lab coat stands in laboratory holding a jar of marine specimens. A Gulf Coast resident sits on his boat, smiling for the camera. An aerial shot of a tree-lined section of the Mississippi River at sunset. An underwater photo of a diver with a camera shooting video of a whale. A still from the animated movie showing a skeleton holding a graph that charts rising rising carbon dioxide for a school of fish to see. An aerial shot of oil rigs off the Louisiana coast.  The Plastiki sailing vessel on the water with sails unfurled, in front of a large suspension bridge.A painting of a working vessel moored at a dock.An albatross soars over the ocean. A silhouette of a small boat carrying 8 passengers on tranquil water, with a pink horizon. Purple, pink and green corals growing underwater on a metal fence-like substrate. A jellyfish floating in the water.