Image Gallery: The Perfect Underwater Photo

For nearly 35 years, National Geographic photojournalist Brian Skerry has been immersing himself in the big blue to get the perfect underwater photograph. He admits that there will never will be a "perfect" photo, but there are tricks to make a photo appealing. He sees himself as an artistic interpreter, swimming in waters all over the world to shoot ocean images that capture animal behavior, stunning seascapes, and the graceful gestures and fluidity of his subjects.

In his second blog post for the Smithsonian Ocean Portal, "The Perfect Underwater Photo," Skerry shares some of his secrets of the trade.

A tiny yellow goby living inside an abandoned can on the seafloor; Suruga Bay, Japan
Two California market squids mate in the waters off of California's Channel Islands.A Florida manatee swims through a channel into a freshwater spring late in the day.A hermit crab looks out from its coral dwelling in the waters of Japan's Ogasawara Islands.A yellow moray eel inside of a sea sponge in the waters off of Poor Knights Islands, New ZealandA wrought iron butterflyfish being cleaned by a small wrasse in the waters of Japan's Ogasawara Islands.A blue cod and sea pens, a unique type of cnidarian, speckle the seafloor in New Zealand's Fiordland region.A school of yellowfin surgeonfish feed near dusk off Canton Island in the Phoenix Islands.