Zooplankton Biodiversity

Holozooplankton are animals that live adrift in the ocean waves for their entire lives. The researchers who took part in the Census of Marine Zooplankton, a project of the Census of Marine Life, spent a decade surveying and photographing holozooplankton biodiversity around the world. Here is a sampling of what they found.

Census researchers discovered this sea cucumber (Enypniastes sp.) in the Gulf of Mexico.
The squidworm has 10 tentacle-like appendages on its head.This colony of <em>Rosacea</em> may look like a single jellyfish, but it is actually a large group of smaller siphonophores clustered and living together.A sea butterfly, or sea snail, swims in the open ocean. A transparent amphipod looks a bit like a lobster, surrounded by white eggs.