As a consumer, you can choose what kinds of seafood to buy. Some species are in good supply and make excellent choices. Others have declined dramatically due to overfishing or environmental factors. Choosing those can add to the problem. 

So choose wisely. Buy sustainable seafood—seafood harvested in a way that supports productive fisheries and coastal communities and also maintains healthy ecosystems. 

Science & Technology

Could you be eating endangered tuna at your favorite sushi place and not know it? Find out how DNA barcoding can help identify exactly which species are being sold and served. Plus, a look at the pluses and minuses of fish farming as well as devices that help reduce “bycatch”— marine animals that are unintentionally trapped and killed in fishing gear.





So what’s the answer? What can we do? Learn more here about sustainable consumer choices, cooking and recipes, and how to “look for the label” of one of the many available seafood labeling programs that can help you learn more about making the most sustainable seafood choice.