Creepy Critters: Marine Life Surfaces for Halloween

Claws, spines, spikes, tentacles, and fangs. Aliens, monsters, and ghostly apparitions glowing in the night. Marine life forms have some of the best looks for Halloween—no costumes needed. From freaky fish lurking beneath the surface to creepy crawlies of the deep, meet some of the sea’s strangest and most haunting characters.

This aptly named fish has two long fangs.
The suckers of this red octopod flash on and off.Blob Sculpin, A Deepwater FishBlackdevil FishZombie worm eats whale bones in Japan's Sagami BayGiant Isopod from the Gulf of MexicoThe fluorescent shortnose greeneye fish. Chimaera from the DeepJaw of the goblin sharkGhost crabs are often seen scuttling quickly along beaches, and can be difficult to photograph in the wild.  They are common in Moorea where this specimen was collected.Venus fly-trap anemone in the Gulf of MexicoAtolla Jellyfish from the Waters of Japan