Two Views of Coral Reefs: Thriving and Threatened

Coral reefs are beautiful, vibrant ecosystems that house roughly one quarter of all marine species and provide billions of dollars in products and services to humans each year. But they are also vulnerable to human activities – both direct disturbances and small, indirect effects that build up over time. Read about why it's important for coral to be resistant and resilient, in a blog post by Smithsonian marine scientist Dr. Nancy Knowlton.

A bluefin trevally swims in Hawaii’s Maro Coral Reef, part of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument.

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wow this is cool

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simply awesome

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Repeating what I wrote in the "Feedback" box:

Site is very beautiful, and engaging. Congratulations!

One serious suggestion: change the position and size of the photo credits.

The photo credits are now tacked on to the photo captions. Each caption ends with a photo credit.

This weakens the impact of the captions by distracting the reader with secondary information. The effect is that the caption is partly forgotten as the photo credit replaces it in the reader's mind. Moving to the next photo, the reader readjusts into processing the information contained in the caption -- only to be distracted once again by a photo credit.

By making the photo credits smaller -- using a smaller font than one used for the captions -- and by moving the photo credit to the right, vertical border of the photo itself-- the credit information is still available to any reader who wants it, but no longer interferes with the information conveyed by the caption.

Another way of analyzing each web page is by following the flow of text from introduction to caption to next caption, the way the reader's eye flows across the page. The text blocks and captions are the road the eye follows. By moving the credits out of the way, the road will flow more smoothly.

These are my impressions as a life-long reader (age 65).

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Thanks very much for your thoughtful comments! We put the suggestion you offered about reformatting the photo credits so they are not distracting on our list of changes/adjustments. Hope you enjoyed the site!

OP Team