Ocean Fish Pictures

Everyone knows what a fish is: from a pet goldfish to a wild sunfish, fish are globally recognized and are an important global protein source. In this slideshow, we will look at some of the most interesting and amazing species of fish that live in the ocean. Which fish gets its name from the 1950’s horror movie The Blob? Which fish has a special protein that prevents its blood from freezing as is swims through the Arctic waters? And which fish has a separate set of jaws that grab prey from its mouth and pulls it down its throat? Find out in this slideshow!

The fins of the frogfish are perfect for creeping around in the algae and stalking unsuspecting prey.A tiny yellow goby living inside an abandoned can on the seafloor; Suruga Bay, JapanBlob Sculpin, A Deepwater FishArctic cod have a special protein that warms their blood.A school of Hawaiian squirrelfish. Portrait of a yellow-green blennie (family Clinidae) hiding in the groove of a green brain coral.An unidentified moray eel held in researcher's hands. A photo of a candy basslet, an orange and yellow-striped fish.A wrought iron butterflyfish being cleaned by a small wrasse in the waters of Japan's Ogasawara Islands.An underwater photo of a school of jacks and a scuba diverA photo of a lanternfish with its nasal light organ illuminated. A school of yellowfin surgeonfish feed near dusk off Canton Island in the Phoenix Islands.Deep-sea dragonfish from AustraliaSpotfin lionfish in Caribbean watersParrotfish in Mucus CocoonThe white, black and yellow patterns of this eel look like snowflakes.A photo of a European flounder in the Baltic Sea. Photo of sockeye salmon spawning.Cardinalfish dads protect their eggs by gingerly carrying them in their mouths.A school of grooved razorfish seen in x-ray imaging.A blenny fish against both a white and black backdrop, where you can see its beautiful color pattern.